Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Time of MY Life...

Turn up the volume and listen to my opening song...listen closely.

And I’ll taste every moment
And live it out loud
I know this is the time,
This is the time
To be more than a name
Or a face in the crowd
I know this is the time
This is the time of my life
Time of my life

This song simply describes my feeling right now, my feelings with life. It's amazing. I feel so blessed at the moment, and this little girl has EVERYTHING to do with it...

Enjoying the simple things like her excitement about the Easter Bunny:

Watching her dance her heart out at ballet:

The silly faces that she makes:

Giving her presents that we know she will LOVE:

Going to school with her and watching her have the time of her life:

Being able to dress her adorably and taking cute pictures:

And, yes, even her messes:

This is definitely, without a doubt, The Time of My Life!



Melissa said...

Myra, so glad you are enjoying that little sweetie of yours! These moments are fleeting and precious. :-)

Tracey said...

God is good. I'm glad you are living out loud! It's the only way to do it!

vickypad said...

Myra, soooo cute. are you sure that picture was not taken in gabys room?

Myra said...

LOL, it makes me feel better that Gaby does the same thing. I thought it was just my child!

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