Friday, June 12, 2009

So much to "teach" her...she has shopping down!

I have so much I can teach
her and pull out of her. I
would say you might
encounter defeats but you
must never be defeated. I
would teach her to love a
lot. Laugh at the
silliest things and be very
serious. I would teach her
to love life. I could do that.

~Maya Angelou~

Sprint PictureMail

Sprint PictureMail

Sprint PictureMail

Sprint PictureMail

And I just can't forget this one...we are working on her "style"...

Sprint PictureMail

Have I mentioned how much fun it is to shop with your daughter??? No greater feeling in the world. Listening to her go on and on "mommy, look at's so cute...should we buy it?" I love it!

Next on our "list" for the summer...going to get our nails done! :)



Tracey said...

leave her style alone!! one day she will be designing her own lines and making mommy and daddy millions...and she will be happy! :)

stacey said...

She is such a cutie. I love her style and that sweet little smile when she's showing her choice in clothing.

minnie said...

very cute, Myra! you must have a lot of fun shopping with her!

Myra said...

Yes, I LOVE it! My partner in crime. Her style is priceless too and I am doing my best to let her go with it! LOL!

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