Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dancing Like Nobody is Watching...

Yes, that is what Jayda does... dance, dance and dance some more! She LOVES to dance. Ever since she was in the womb... she danced! I remember so clearly Dancing with the Stars making its debut and I was instantly hooked and I would sit and watch every week, 8 months pregnant, and you should have SEEN my stomach just go! She was having a blast in there!! To this day she loves watching "Dancing on the Stars".

So, because of this love for dance it was not a question of whether or not she'd be in dance -- she was enrolled at the age of 3... and it has been a JOY! We are very blessed to have Gracie, a cousin of mine, own a dance studio and that is where Jayda attends. Gracie has done an amazing job with the girls. May 1st, Jayda had her 2nd dance recital and it was beautiful!! Gracie definitely outdid herself, AGAIN! Here are a few pictures of my Dancing Princess...

Her smile was HUGE because of the fact she was on STAGE!! This girl has a thing for the limelight!


Bow Chicka Bow Wow...that's what my baby says...



Here she is "Flying to Mexico"


Here she is just posing for the camera...she is such a HAM!


We are now ready for summer ballet and tap and are also looking for a gymnastics class! This is her callin! LOL!

I hope she continues to "Dance like nobody is watching" but always realizes mommy will ALWAYS be watching!


Melissa said...

Love that pose, Dancing Queen!

lilssweetmemories said...

She is to cute in those pictures..so she is in the summer classes??? and i will also always be there to watch u jayda!! =)

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