Saturday, September 11, 2010

How I, Uhm, I Mean... How Jayda Survived her first day of kinder...

The day had arrived. It was time for the "big" school. No more Mid Valley Christian, sigh. I wasn't sure how it was all going to be. I was preparing myself for the first day of school jitters. How would the crying go? How long would the nervousness last? How would the "goodbye" go? Would the tears start before or after the" goodbye"? Or the entire time? How would the day go? Were the minutes that day going to go slow?


I only cried a little... it was in the car AFTER the goodbye. I was strong and held them back as I, nervously, walked her to class and hugged her. My day went ok, although my mind was on Jayda the entire time. And, yes, the minutes that day...

Oh, did you guys want to know how Jayda did?  Oops!  Well...

She was FINE. She had no tears, she was not nervous, she said goodbye with a smile on her face. She LOVED kindergarten. She LOVED her new "big" school. She LOVED being with grandma. But, that is my girl... so brave, so independent, so open to new adventures, so NOT like her mama!


Never change baby! Always keep that enthusiasm. Always keep that smart, loving, outgoing, crazy, fun-loving, strong-willed, caring personality of yours! Don't EVER stop "thinking out of the box", because we all know, that is what you do best! I love your courage, I've learned from your courage. Have a great KINDER year my baby! I know you will shine... it will be YOUR way, but you will shine!

-Your biggest fan, Mommy.

Jayda's Kindergarten year at Ybarra Elementary: 





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