Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Letter to My Daughter

I dreamed a baby, I wanted a baby, I planned for a baby and waited and waited for a baby and finally, there was you!


In just a few days you will no longer be my 3 year old, I will now have to say you are 4. It is bittersweet for me. Although I am cherishing every moment of watching you grow, watching you learn and laughing at all the silly things you say or do I am sad that my baby is not really a baby anymore. I love you more than words or actions could ever explain, and I hope you always know that.

You are a joy, you are funny, you are stubborn, strong-willed, beautiful, energetic, NOT shy, you are my life. You do things at your time and you have proven to us over and over that that is the way it WILL be. You are everything I ever dreamed of having in a daughter and so much more. I thank the Lord daily for blessing me with you.


I love watching you select your outfits, that in itself shows people your free spirited personality. I hope that never changes in you. I love watching you sing and dance and immediately be drawn to a stage when you spot one. I do see myself sitting in many audiences watching your performances, and I can't wait. I love how even if you don't know the words to a song you make them up! I simply love you.

Not a day goes by where you don't amaze me with something new that you say or that you learned, just last night you were 'teaching' me how to pronounce the word 'graduation' you divided it up in syllables for me... 'grager-ation'-- like I said you make your own things up!


Baby, you are my everything and I hope years from now you will be able to read this and know what joy you brought and are still bringing to my life and to many around you. Enjoy your birthday celebrations (yes, plural) because with you we need to celebrate it several times! Last year for a whole week we hit up many restaurants and had them sing to you because you adore things like that! I see us doing that again this year and for many years to come!

Keep dancing in this life my love, and always know I am right here enjoying every minute of it.

Love always,
P.S. Before the first stars blazed in your sky,
before the sun ever kissed you,
before you cried your first cry
I loved you.


Torrie Deville said...

I was crying while reading this. God is truly amazing!

Myra said...

Yes He is! And I can't wait to see you holding your blessing(s).

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Myra

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