Monday, January 25, 2010

Living with 'Holly'...

Yes, Jayda has a bff named Holly. She talks to Holly, plays with Holly, lectures Holly... Holly even joins us for some shopping, dinner and the occasional sporting event... sounds ok, right? Well, the thing is, only Jayda can "see" Holly... HA!! Intersting huh?? After a lot of googling, talking to former professors from my school counseling program and a quick e-mail to her current teacher... I'm OK with Holly! I will admit I worried at first... but now I know I just have a VERY creative child! One of my former professors even pointed out the fact that Holly has bounderies... Jayda doesn't take her to school... LOL!

I am waiting for the arrival of this book:

Imaginary Companions and the Children Who Create Them
By: Marjorie Taylor

I want to learn more about my chid and her amazing imagination! For now, I am going to follow the advice given to me by Jayda's pk-4 teacher... I am going to "enjoy Holly." Afterall, they are only little once!


(LOOK CLOSELY... You just might see HOLLY)! ;=)


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