Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Celebrating Mother's Day this past Sunday got me to thinking of my role as a mommy... Jayda's Mommy... and the thought of the 3 women before me who are my role models... leaving a legacy for all to see.

What can I say? She is my life. I adore her. Her happiness & and her success is important to me. I can't thank the Lord enough for allowing me to be Jayda's Mommy... Jayda's Mommy... I love it... it defines me. Before you tell me that it shouldn't be the only defining  role in life - it isn't... it has helped me find myself. It has led me to love me as well. It has gotten me to be the best I could be for myself and to become a better mommy.

She saved me.

While I want to get her the best in life, make sure she gets all she needs, a few of her wants... what scares me the most is... will I raise her to know Him? He who allowed me to borrow her... He who loves her MORE than I do. Am I doing right by Him with her? All I can do is pray for His continued guidance. I know He has BIG plans for this sweet little girl with a BIG heart... I can't wait to see what her story is. It is going to be a good one. I just know it.

For now, she knows she is beautiful... on the outside, but I have truly emphasized to her the beauty she holds within. THAT makes her my pageant queen... her beauty within.

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