Sunday, April 24, 2011

Everything to Me

Listen to song - Everything to Me- HERE!

I knew the stories. Christmas time was about His birth and Easter was about His resurection. They were neat stories... I believed them. I knew He, without a doubt, existed.

 I prayed, sometimes, OK, so it was "Our Father" during an occassional church service.

 I DID talk to Him though... OK, OK... I yelled at Him when things felt wrong, when things went wrong. But when things were going MY way... He never had a place in my thoughts.
Wow. I just typed that out and admitted it.
 And that lasted for quite a long time. In fact, I can honestly say it wasn't until recently that I truly started talking to him. Like, real, one on one converstations.

 It wasn't until recently that I started listening to Him.

 It wasn't until recently that I knew He had BIG plans for me... LIKE REAL big plans... I am talking about "wow, Lord, really, you think *I* can do that?" type of plans.

It wasn't until recently that I realized I was meant to have cancer, I was meant to walk with a limp, I was meant to be Jayda's mommy, I was meant to be a teacher...

But, it wasn't until today that I realized EXACTLY what HE did for me...

it wasn't until today that I realized the pain, the hurt, the discomfort, the ridicule, the anguish that He went through for ME... yes, ME.

It wasn't until today, that I realized that He is everything to Me... because I am everything to Him... and, yes, REALLY, He KNOWS I can do what He has been talking to me about these past couple of months. He knows I can, and when I get startled, scared, or nervous... He will be right there... He will remind me that I can do it... because HE already saw the end result... He knows what I am capable of. Thank you Lord, thank you.


My Easter was wonderful today.
We first went to church and got to see a very touching drama on the Crucifixion... very powerful.
Then we went and spent some time with My brother Jaime and sister-in-law Jessica... where we ate a lot!! Everything was so good! I am extremely blessed to have an amazing family. After that celebration we went over to see my grandparents. It was a quick visit, but I am glad I got to see them and wish them a Happy Easter. My grandma is one of the women in my life that I look up to. She is loving, giving and so, so strong! I love both of them very much... and I thank them for being in my life and teaching me what true, unconditional love is.
Here I am with them...

And of course no Easter is complete without JAYDA pictures ;-)...

Have a blessed week!

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