Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Making Cancer History... MD Anderson Cancer Center


Thankfully we serve a God who knows our strengths. A God who knows just how much you can handle. He obviously had a lot of faith in my strength... but in reality, the one He knew could handle the most was my mother. She took it all! I was a baby... I don't remember the constant pokes... I don't remember those first surgeries... I don't remember the chemotherapy... but my mom does. She was by my side the entire time.

Now that I am a mother I can't even begin to imagine seeing Jayda go through that. I can't. But, somehow, my mother had the strength and the faith to do it. I was once told by a doctor--  to cherish my mother, to respect her if she ever seemed OVERprotective... because this was the woman who spent countless hours praying for her baby girl who had... yeah, that horrible, no good word... cancer.

My mother and our God held the major role in my recovery and my ability to defeat cancer... God did it through the wonderful staff at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX. He blessed all those nurses and doctors with the knowledge to help people fight this...

Years later, at the age of 18 and graduating from high school, I was visitng the hospital for a routine check-up when I was asked if I had applied for the Children's Art Project Scholarship for current and former patients. I quickly got more information on it and applied. I was awarded money every single semester from day 1 of college to the time I graduated. And it was enough to pay the whole thing!! So, yeah... The Children's Art Project technically "owns" my BA in English! HA!

So, because of that, this project is very dear to me. I've always tried to help it out by purchasing cards and now I want to try and do a little more. I want to encourage others to buy the merchandise that they offer. This is ALL designed by cancer patients... children, at MD Anderson. They have ties, cards for different occasions, bags, jackets, sweaters, umbrellas, iphone covers... I can go on! Go look for yourself...

Children's Art Project "Store"

Or, find out where you can buy the CAP merchandise in your local hometown... most CVS Pharmacies carry the merchandise.

If you live in my hometwon, Weslaco, TX... I am sponsoring the display at our CVS Pharmacy!

Please help in whatever way you can!

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