Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jayda & The Beauty Within Our Hearts

A blessing.

That is what our kids are.

That is what Jayda is for me.

I am glad that through the journey that I began 2 years ago I have been able to become a better mommy- not perfect, but better.

And it has been a result of
 my faith increasing,
 my self-confidence increasing,
my self-worth being discovered
 I have become the mother I've wanted my daughter to have...
the mother that my child deserved,
one that she can look at and be proud of.
One that can show her that nothing is impossible.
One that can help her find the beauty within her heart.

And although rough patches in our future are certainly guaranteed...
I know through faith... 
and through our hearts...
and our God...
we will be ok...

Will WE fall? Definitely.
 Will SHE fall? Most certainly.

 But, the job of a parent is not to make sure our kids don't fall
or to expect that they never fall or fail us.
 It is to make sure that we gave them the purpose and the ability to get back up and keep moving forward.

That is ALL we can do.

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