Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Things My Mother Taught Me

My mother taught me...
The importance of persistence. Through her persistence, my cancer was found and I was healed.

My mother taught me...
The importance of faith. Through her faith she accepted God's plan for our journey in life. And because of her faith, my faith grew.

My mother taught me...

The importance of strength.
The importance of forgiveness.
The importance of loving unconditionally.
The importance of strength during heart-ache.
The importance of family and family values.
The importance of rules - because nothing good is happening after midnight- so be home!
The importance of being honest... nothing ever gets by her-- EVER.

My mother taught me how to...


But, most importantly, my mother taught me...
how to be a mother.

Thank you mom for being my prayer warrior through it all...

the battle with cancer.
the battle with living with a disability.
the tears, the heartache, the fears, the joys, the successes, my marriage, and
my journey as a mommy. 

Thank you for the unconditional love.
Thank you for the forgiveness.
Thank you for the support.
Thank you for the guidance.
Thank you for being my best friend through the times that I felt all alone. 
Simply, Thank You Mom, for EVERYTHING. 

You are truly my angel sent from heaven.  God knew what He was doing when he paired us up- he knew your strength.  He knew we needed each other.
  He just knew.

All I am, I owe to YOU. 

Loving you always & forever. 

Happy Birthday Mom!! 


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