Friday, February 11, 2011

The Bench Seat

It was our love seat.
 He wanted his car to have a bench seat up front, not the now standard bucket seats. Why? Because he wanted me right by his side… always….

“We need to keep it this way forever”, we’d say to each other.
We had every intention of always having a bench seat in every car we were to ever own…always….

We had the misconception that the moment we lost the desire to have the bench seat with me right by his side, we’d lose our love.

Well, the bench seat quickly faded away.

Times did get tough. Times are tough.

We struggle.
We argue.
We get on each other’s nerves.
We hurt.
We cry.
We fall.

But, after the falls,

We get back up.
We laugh.
We share.
We dream.
We wipe each other’s tears.
We say “sorry”.
We hug.

He is my best friend, my strength, my love.


While life will always bring challenges, hurts, obstacles… it is easier to get through it all with a partner. Someone who holds your hand through it all… someone who will be right by your side when things get tough and someone who will be thankful with you when those tough times turn into blessings and someone who will laugh with you in the good times as well.

I am so grateful Michael proposed to me 8 years ago.


So, while we did lose the bench seat, we never lost our love.

We traded the bench seat in for a...


Car seat…
(silly child included)

And it has been totally worth it.

He has been a great husband and a wonderful father.

Seeing this…


Makes me love him the more than he will ever know.

Who knows…

Bench seats might be back in style when we are old…

But for now... bench seat or not...

I love him.


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