Monday, February 9, 2009

25 Random Things about ME!

1. I LOVE to read.
2. I tend to hold a GRUDGE… for a LONG time (working on that though)!
3. I love the ‘working with kids’ part of my job!
4. I’m a size seven in clothes, umm, I mean shoes.
5. I’m a Facebook addict
6. I’m a blog addict.
7. I LOVE Disney – it’s my happy place—NO worries!
8. I am VERY antisocial (NOT working on that- ok maybe a little)!
9. I do NOT like FAKE people… be honest with me… yep, dealt with that a few months ago and refer to #2… yep it applies, but like I said… I’m working on it!
10. I NEED coffee every morning.
11. I’m a migraine sufferer
12. I’m addicted to shopping for Jayda—I mean like serious issues.
13. I have an absolutely amazing family! Yes, be jealous… ;)
14. I have a lot of online friends.
15. I HATE cleaning.
16. Michael does all our laundry.
17. My daughter is an angel (hee hee hee).
18. I can’t style my own hair – thank God for Elida!
19. I prefer to text or e-mail… rarely do I make a phone call.
20. My favorite holiday is Christmas, especially now that I have Jayda.
21. I have a wonderful husband.
22. Shy, but personable.
23. Loyal
24. Have a hard time saying “no”.
25. Although I hold grudges, I can still put on a happy face and hide the “dislike”.



stacey said...

I was nodding to many of those. Some day we will both be in Disney at the same time. :)

Myra said...

Yes, someday we will!

Nikki said...

Sigh. I hold grudges too. Maybe we can work on that together!

Melanie and family said...

2- I'll have to stay on your good side! lol ;)

Nice list!

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