Sunday, February 1, 2009


Michael has introduced the game of bowling to my little princess and she absolutley LOVES it. This is her 3rd time and she is just waiting for the next time (which will be tomorrow after ballet). I keep forgetting to take my camera to get good pictures, but I will do my best to have it with me tomorrow. For now here are pictures from my palm:

Ignore the quality, but here she is ready to go!


Jayda and Daddy


And the last one, yep it's all in the shoes!


She has gone from wanting a Hannah Montana party to now wanting a Hannah Montana Bowling party (yes, both) but I kind of like the little twists that I have put on her birthday themes, never have left it as a "simple" theme so why start now? So, I am up for the combination theme challenge... but more importantly... Kim are YOU ready? LOL, Kim is my "designer", she does it all for me! My blog, my signatures (which everyone loves), Jayda's birthday invites, Jayda's holiday cards for her classmates, EVERYTHING! Kim is amazing... and if you like anything that she has designed for me, let me know and I will put you in contact with her. She even designed my St. Patrick's Day Disney design in the post below.

Oh and a " just because" picture, here she is in her new dress for Victoria's Quinceneara that we bought for her at (get ready for this) CRACKER BARREL, yep that place (does that make me a true shopaholic?). What you think I just go for the Fried Apple Dumplings?!?


Much love,

1 comment: said...

Too cute! My kiddos love to bowl too:)

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